Sunday, November 20, 2005

Email Story - Part I

Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2003 7:48:50 +0530
From: "Mythili Rangaswami "
To: "Sumitra Narsmihan "

Hi there,
Got here fine. Those shady Air India people didn't let me get off at London for the hundredth time now.
Really don't think I will travel them again. Yahan pe everyone was thrilled as usual. Bhabi no.1 has gotten slightly more plump now :) Ya, you guessed it, she's three months preganant. And those guys kept it a secret from me!! I made lot of scene about it. Was fun :)
Tera kya chal raha hai? How your boss treating you? you working Christmas kya? Woh to ekdum height hoga.
Was checking out movies on TOI.. now have to con somebody to come with me..
Oye btw guess whom I met on my flight here? Arre you remember Venkataih in from our school?
The jasmine oil dude? Hes become major pseud now.
Chal amma is calling for breakfast...dosas to eat today :)
write back soon.. take care

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 23:30:00 -0600
From: "Sumitra Narsmihan"
To:"Mythili Rangaswami"
Subject: Re: your mail

Hi Madam,
You keep eating dosas and no man will marry you.. motee ho jayegi :) ( I don't care.. kitna stupid ad tha!) Anyways looks like you are njoying yourself. Me and the gang are planning to do something for Christmas.. probably do a movie night. No yaar, you know we got this forced close down next week. Thank god for that!!
Those stupid folks on my project in India don't want to take a break. Painful people.
Anyway, howz guy search going on? koi mila kya? Arre, what was Venkatiah doing on the flight? How does he look now? Did he tell you " Mythili you are too much only!" haha
Chal, write back and be sure to check out SRKs new movie :)

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:35:20 +0530
From: "Mythili Rangaswami"
To: "Sumitra Narsmihan"
Subject: venkatiah

You won't believe it Sumi, but Venkatiah just called. Btw.. hes called Venky now :) or maybe he was before too.. who knows. He looks ok, still on the plump side but kafi tall hai.
Arre, he's in Seattle. Dude is doing Ph.D. in Pharma.. Not a Software engineer like us for a a change :) Waise, his family is Bombay too! Apparently they are girl-hunting man.
Its so unfair yaar. These guys will come look at girls and then if they agree they just marry them off. Those stupid girls will happily leave their jobs/lives here and got to the US.
Ask a guy to do the same and they look at you like you are mad. Really don't think this arranged marraige thing is for me. Waise bhi I will only get to meet boy's families.. Seriously thinking of ditching the whole plan now!!!
And ya me and my dear would be sis in law no.2, Minnu Manni (how that rhymes !) went shopping. Shes quite cool. And conned her into going to that Munnabhai MBBS thing, which is releasing next week. Now if only my bro can get the tickets. Oye what SRK movie are you talking about?
How was your movie night? Arre ask junta to write. Am actually very lukha here. Strange not to have to go to work etc.. and all the junta here is busy on weekdays :(
myth.. haha.. this is a good nick :)

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 19:15:07 -0600
From: "Sumitra Narsmihan"
To:"Mythili Rangaswami
Subject: Re: venkatiah

Dear Ms mythology, mythyeous.. what a myth u r !
Yeh Venkatiah ka kya chakkar hai? calling you up now is he? whyd you give him you number? ;)
arre we saw all of Godfather series and some stupid hindi movies.. by the end only me, Nikhil and Mrinal were up :) Pura night out we put!
oye, ask your mom to send some nice namkeen with you.. four more weeks to go.. enjoy it. How the hell did you con your boss to give you five weeks ? He must be real fida on you.
Haan this funda of you not getting to meet guys is a pain.. but come on, I thought you were totally up for the arranged marraige thing. Did you get any rishteys yet or not? What happened to your I am only for Arranged marraige attitude?
BTw why are you not taking Simran bhabhi with you? (waise tera bhai bhi srk fan hai kya? just striked me ddlj etc..!)
PS : I presumed there must be some SRK movie releasing, what with his greatest fan visiting India:) Well its no fun watching Hindi movies here without you. Everyone makes fun and whats the point if you are not here to take all the jokes seriously and feel offended!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Oh my lord, forgive me for I have sinned. I have succumbed to gluttony.
Everytime I crave for that little bit of cheese, the smells throw me into the hollows of Pizza hut.
Everytime I crave for sugar, I am standing in front of that counter at the coffee shop; contemplating whether to buy the apple turnover, the muffin, the fruit danish or the brownie.
Everytime I smell coffee, there I am back again at the counter of my favourite coffee shop.
Forgive me my lord, cause I cannot bring this soul to stop from sinning.

My Red Coloured Love

I guess the moral gurus teach us not to love material things. And yet here I am still in love with my first red bycycle. My uncle bought me my own peice of metal with two wheels when I was 10 and she (he if you prefer!) was my prized possesion. I use the term possesion losely here :) I suppose my uncle driven by the series of comic accidents that I caused with my borrowed cycles was almost forced to get me my own thing.

I was truly and deeply proud (again a virtue which is more of sin I suppose!). Proud of the fact that I could lift her up the stairways quite easily. Proud of the fact that she had the most shiniest steel handles ever. Proud more so that Monsoon after Monsoon left her unrusted!

Its funny how this pair of wheels gave me a feeling of independence. If am late coming home from a friend's place I just say " I'll be fine, I got my cycle today!." Distances or the word far were a thing of the past. In no way am I exagerrating here .

She was my friend for all the best decade of my life !! And then we had to part ways. My parents didn't think she ought to take the journey to Bangalore. So now she, ( I hope she still does) belongs to the Mess worker ( a very sweet young woman) from my hostel. I hope she still runs good and takes her owner places !!!

I tried to relive that life. Bought another cycle just like her. She was quite a beauty. Except how often does it happen that we take our most prized things for granted and one lax of attention leaves us cursing ourselves for lifelong. Having taken supreme care of my new bike (isn't that what Americans call it?) for about a year, I started taking her for granted. Forgot how pretty and shiny she looks and left her out to the mercy of bikenappers :(

I never got a chance to express my remorse and this little piece is to make my peace with her loss. And this blog is to remind me that there is no such thing as too much caution!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A late introduction

I have been writing this stuff up for a while. Wasn't sure where it was going really. Finally all that blog reading kind of got to me. There is nothing I enjoy more than writing and what's the point if no one I know ever reads this :)
So here is a fun blend of fact and fiction. If you can tell which is which, you know more than me!!!