Monday, October 16, 2006


Heard a couple of new songs recently from the above named movie which make me want to fall in love. Of course am using the word very loosely here...
to mean the doe-eyed look for this person on whom you have bestowed the remote control for your emotions minus the instruction manual! The chaos that then not to be wondered at.

Ah but am getting distracted, "Ajnabi Shehar hai" is the one really strung a chord with my heart strings. Sonu Nigam is sounds really good. Then there is "Humko Maloom hai" which is story telling in a song. This song would fit right into a musical. "Sau Dard" is just the same song reincarnated. "Jane-tu Jane na"is a jugalbandi between Sonu Nigam and Sukhwinder Singh with again a very catchy tune.....All in all dont get put off by the fact that this movie stars Salman khan and akshay khan..both of whom look nothing like anything I (or anyone i know) would be doe-eyed about...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Characters Change
The Scenes get rewritten
New sets are built
New players are introduced

In this Play called life
Every Act is a new
Every enactment is original
Even the main character
undergoes a change everytime

Yet there is repetetion every show
The same passions take over
The same scenes get applauded
Same actors are lauded
The end, is the same everyday!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rants of the frustrated Grad..Stud.. :)

I feel like a Greek Tragedy today. Things are not really any different from yesterday and won't be too different tomorrow, but I just felt like saying that sentence aloud for what it is worth!

Its strange the life of a Graduate student. Our lives are very much governed by our research. One happy day of results, working setups, very happy advisor can be followed by discovering next day that some of those results are not quite correct. What was working yesterday, ain't working no more. Advisor is upset for unknown reasons. And there you go..there is tragedy for you! Of course the most tragic part of graduate life is not graduating, which is omnipresent till the day you actually graduate!

If you think about it five or more years of "prime" life is spent worrying over the "thesis" which doesn't exist till it does and you are done. While other normal people are going home with big bucks, to their spouces and maybe even noisy children. A graduate student usually comes home to an empty apartment..regardless of whether the person in question is living alone or with roommates (their roommates probably having completely different waking hours).
Most of social talk involves comparing advisor idiosyncrasies, complaining or praising..(yep sometimes that happens) advisors..and other such important matters. When bored of conversing, the GS's watch movies together..sometimes some of them will also cook for another 10 of them..just to spice up things!

In all every day is the same..perhaps the rest of the world doesn't live a very different life.. but what would the frog in the pond know about the sea haan?