Friday, August 31, 2007

gripes nd likes.. on trivialities..

irritated with how people misuse public toilets

amused by how people talk with actions on the phone " can you find it..its in that cupboard..its sqaure" the guy draws out a sqaure shape with his hands..
I feel like telling the guy, I can see it..but the guy at the other end clearly cannot!

feel good when strangers on the road make it a point to say hello and smile..

amazed how the right song on the radio can change the mood in the room for the better..

still find it fascinating when there is sudden burst of rain from the sky..and the whole scenery blushes in greenery.

I decided that the cover of a book can decide whether i will pick it and browse through it.. so that one cover can make or break its a lot if there are more readers like me!

First impressions dissolve into oblivion when you really get to know a person. And even though you were not wrong about your first impression, they are only a small part of their character.

There are some people in this world..when you look at them you know they are nice..that you would have to dig hard to find anything bad about them...

And one fly moving across the screen can make blogging tedious!!!!!!!