Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shallow waters run deep

"No depth, very shallow!", the traveller proclaimed after stirring the "stream" water with his feet. Techinically it was possibly not a stream. But as far as he could see there was water in both directions. He decided to break his journey at this particular patch near water, where there was more vegetation.

The cool breeze blowing across the water brought relief from the hot mid-afternoon sun. He opened his bag and took out a few pieces of bread with pickles he had packed for lunch.

He spent the next hour gazing at the stream munching on his lunch slowly. Once in a while a fish would look up to him from the water. The fish got excited when he threw bread crumbs into water. Once in a while a bird would sweep past the surface of the water, preying on the fishes.

The activity around the stream increased as time was closing in on sundown.
More bird swoops, more fishes travelling across the stream. Other gentile animals he could see across the stream from him, drinking water from the stream.

Time passed and, soon darkness had surrounded him. He sighed and set up his tent right there. The sigh was more to signify the speed of time passing then from being stranded at near the stream for the night.

As far as he knew there weren't any wild dangerous animals in that part of the country. All night through, he observed and heard life around him.

Next morning as he set off on his journey again, he sat down near the stream to fill up his bottle with fresh water. He stirred the stream with his hand and let the water settle before he took a dab at it. As he stood up to leave, he glanced at the stream. "Shallow waters can run deep after all!"