Monday, February 19, 2007

Delhi heights

I am not first to blog about these lyrics (google made that obvious.). Its a song from Delhi by Rabbi Shergill and sung by Sonu Nigam.
The lyrics are by Rabbi Shergill himself..and it took me way too much effort to figure this out..
really I thought people were more updated than that!

I couldnt ignore these words as I was listening to the song..hope you like them too.

Kitne der tum baatien karogi
Filmo ki aur falshafo ki
Kitne der arzoju aad mein chupegi
Coffee ki aur kehkaho ki
Kitne Der us dil mein rahega
mere naam per ek sawaal

Friday, February 09, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Once again when I am home I rediscover the printed media in desland.

The cannibal ..more bodies are Delhi police find the missing children. Was this guy dealing human organs?

Dogs create a havoc in Bangalore..A child mauled to death by 10 to 12 dogs. BMP claims it must have been a hit and run accident..dogs dont attack people.
That whole week..paper was full of such incidents.

Meanwhile Shilpa Shetty makes the news big time with Big Brother show..admist the protest of several immigrants in Britain against the new immigration rules. The racist issue is up for discussion yet again..

Ash's engagement to AB junior..The Bacchan'ns walk to Sidhivinayak temple. Ash will act or not after tying the knot is upto her future in-laws..apparently the newpaper claims.

Indian team under fire again. Someone tries to attack Chappell at the airport..

Television set..

Sawaal kar le kar le...SRK dancing to money tunes trying to buy veiwership for KBC III!

Tulsi ma..bees saal purana sawaal phir uthega..ansh ki maut ka badla...

Awesome advertising..
Take the Haynes tag add
Or stylish phones gimmick..

Some new serials to watch

Jab Luv hua..plays on Zee TV same time as KSBKBT and works well in terms of avoiding adds on both channels..
Mohalla entertaining on SABtv..
BEst of all " Ek Chabbhi hai pados mein" Plays on Star Plus Saturday nights at 10PM..

Finally had my first and second genuine masala puri in banglore fast food places..

Saw A mall in Bombay..never been to one before. Totally dig the few minutes I was at crosswords..
The number of books just made me want to be there many new indian so glad htey are getting space..

Also ate paneer chalupa for the first time..had tonnes of gobhi manchurian..sweet corn soup..

It all ended too soon.. Been back here for three weeks now..and want to go back home again..