Saturday, December 09, 2006

The inevitable parting

I never expected you to stay with me always.
There was no such clause to our friendship,
You were lonely and so was I
and together we were lonely no more.
We talked about music,
we talked about philosophy,
I was curious and nosy,
You were shy and civil,
But you came with me anyway
when I paid a visit to the strangers.
I guess I always knew, one day you will leave
One day you will meet that person,
who truly makes you happy and
you will be the loner no more.
And yet I was shocked when it happened
I was jealous, I was upset
Jealousy doesn't mean I was in love with you
I loved to have you around though..
and now that you are not here anymore..
I am back where I was, alone as always.

PS : This is an ode (?) to Isabel Dalhousie and Jamie.. Strangle McCall Smith, refuses to tell me what Jamie's last name is. Last few weeks I have spent hours reading about them...and only fitting to write something about them na?