Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parental Guidance (PG)

This post is long due..and since am writing it at a point when I don't remember anything but the basic thought.. pardon the lack of flow.

Been watching tonnes of Gilmore girls over the past few months until I couldnt lay my hands on any new seasons! For the uninitiated this is a series on WB about a mother daughter relationship. The premise is that Lorelai Gilmore got preganant when she still in high school. She brought up her daughter Rory on her own without marrying Rory's mother and any parental support.
Anyway, that apart she was young when she had the child and they are more friends than mother daughter. They never hide anything from each other.

In all its the so called "perfect" mother daughter relationship..

Yet inspite whenever Lorelai has to take up the role of telling her daughter that something she is doing is not right she is always in trouble.
Rory at somepoint is sleeping with a guy who has always been in love with her but is married now to another girl. But the minute her mother points this out..they have this cold war thing for a couple of months, until both of them accept the situation.

Or for that matter when Rory wants to quit university and take a break for a year, Lorelai cannot
understand this. She can only think that she is throwing away her dreams. For an intial period she can not be understanding!!

Sure, this is drama..and they have to create situations.. but real life is sometimes like that.
I guess telling your kid that what they are doing is no good is hard, because every teenage kid wants a "cool" parent than a guiding one.. Influence in any form when different from what we believe is unpleasant..If its a friend we can shrug it off..if its a parent we might even be coerced into agreement. All I could think was that it cannot be easy being a parent.. no matter how cool you are !!