Wednesday, July 18, 2007

printed impressions

Aren't books the most wondeful things in the world? I hope that the printed word never goes out of fashion, even as I type this up and realize there is almost zero chance these words ever getting printed :) but hopefully some chance of being read!

I was sitting in the public library today and realized that what boon it is to any given community to be able to afford a free library. Why, you don't even ever have to take stuff home. You can basically sit there all day and read everything, from newspapers to magazines, fiction to how to books. Anything and everything.

I used to read a lot of Louis L'amour stories and the heroes were all self educated, learned men.
In particular I would be facinated by the fact that a person could know a lot without ever stepping into a school. It struck me today that if you have access to libraries then you just need to become literate to become educated.

If educated means being aware of the surroundings, to know what is going on in the world, the ability to learn more and more then its just a few meters away! And any man, woman and child can be educated at will free of cost!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

nasha yeh pyar ka nasha hai :)

Kudos to Amit Paul! He made a song which I barely remember, into a memorable song. Now, I was all set to forward his singing on todays episode of Indian Idol 3, for I cannot remember him ever making an impression.
No offence to Udit Narayan, but this chap made the song come to life. The scale changes, and the soft voice, it was so good that even Alisha Chenoi asked for an encore.

Its amazing how good singing can bring life into simplest of songs. I have to admit I have heard him sing three times already and felt compelled to write this.

As an aside, well not quite an aside but an add on, Ankita Mishra (the wild card of Indian idol 3) actually has managed to impress with her performance on the (what I would call "Sideiest ) very generic songs. She has a style which gets attention, whether that qualifies to make her a playback singer I don't know.

Of course given the structure of Indian Idol and all of these singing competetions, more often than not who sings well or performs well rarely is connected to who wins. So let us see, cause I was really disappointed with the results from last year!

Meanwhile, both Star TV and of Zee TV (the originator of singing competetion Sa re ga ma pa) have a corresponding show, which very often showcases a higher quality singing talent. Its really hard to follow all of them simulateneously so I have stayed loyal to Indian Idol. Partly because of the ease of getting hold of the videos !

For the uninitated, you can watch Amit Paul in the Part 12 of the July 13th episode on

PS: For those who expected something else on reading the title..I apologize ;)