Friday, April 07, 2006

Some bad poetry...

... dedicated to a very good man. I finally saw Good night & Good luck...

The streets you wandered
I would like to explore
The thoughts that you had pondered
I would like to hear

I will walk the path
And tread that you trod

The lives that inspired you
The lives that inspire me
The life you aspired to
The life I aspire to

I will learn to live it
Just as you lived it


IdeaSmith said...

Hi, I've been looking for the contacts of the three of you who write the Book Selection blog. I was wondering if I could offer myself for membership. I like reading too and some of the books you have reviewed have been my favorites. I'd love to add to this list. My email address is Please let me know. Thanks!

Born a Libran said...

Has thou awoken from your 2 week slumber off blogs?

ligne said... you go.. there are other thoughts I have been mulling about.. one of these days you will see a long post about it :)