Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Need a little inspiration...

Saw the Sun today, peeking out of the dark clouds.
A sign of promise of new thoughts and solutions?

Yet its only a mirage, even if I can feel it gleam on me.
I see no answers, just more questions clearer than before.

At least it is a start. Tomorrow there will be sunshine and more.

PS: Boston has had now 7 whole days of cloudy days..when the sunlight beamed this evening, I could hear people in the coffee shop shout..Its the sun..its the sun :)


Bdeshini said...

Finally, the sun is also shining in the Midwest after a wet and cold week + weekend! Summer might be almost here.

atma_tripta said...

First step towards any solution is clear definition of problem.so guess you are the right track and enjoy the summer.
Some of the poems you wrote are simply put..wonderful.Keep going!

ligne said...

@at : thanks..:)
@bdeshni : aah..we are having bombay like weather now..arent we?