Monday, June 25, 2007


"its not even between 10.3 and 10.4..." this voices keeps insisting loudly in the coffee shop.

"When are people going to realize, that this is a study envoirnment for most of us regulars here",
I think to myself.

Can't help wondering though how that conversation must be going as I move out of his voice zone with my headphones. Perhaps, he will say next

" Its not even between 10.35 and 10.4. And when you do this again, you find its not even between 10.355 and 10.4 ! ............"

Naturally the next thing to remind ourselves here is that the best story tellers are ones, who know exactly how many times to repeat a particular thought. Who know how many times is enough to
explain the gravity of the situation and yet not loose attention of the audience.

At the thought..I go back to my books leaving you my unknown (possibly non=existant) audience to ponder over what you think makes a good story teller!

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