Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't you care?

I got early to class today to teach..and my students were talking about which part of the country they are from.. and suddenly I felt real ashamed.. Ashamed to say that I am from Bombay... Mumbai..

I used to be once so very proud of this city which was a complete representative of our country..where no language was considered higher, no race given was anything but what it is in the news for today.

Do we not have a conscience anymore ? Will we use any excuse to beat up another person and even kill? If we are not that person..who are we? the ones do not even stand up for our fellow human beings.

I can understand the fear of the mob.. 12 hitting 4...but what about the 100s who could stop those 12..

If we know this is come nobody seems to be vehemently voicing our opinions? I find it hard to believe that a speech about how mumbai belongs to marathi speaking people but location is reason enough to let someone be murdered.

Is there no law and order? I didn't think we had a very good law and order..but where is the mumbai police ? Can anyone kill anyone just because they speak a different language.. I can't think of any other part of the country where this can happen...!

If this is the ideology people believe in..they should never move..! live and die in the same house they were born in. Never walk to the neighbouring house either..after all if we start dividing on basis of language, caste, religon.., why not generalize it further and realize that its every man on his own..
Sounds extreme...? but what about those people are drawing these lines of boundary ?


Nandita said...

What is happening in mumbai is really sad and unfortunately such regional/communal violence is not just happening in mumbai. I still believe that the percentage of people that follow such ideology is low (but powerful). What can others (which I believe and hope is the majority) do to prevent this? Increasing awareness & education is probably one way to go.

ligne said...

sure... we just have stop getting used to things and try to make a difference even if it is only small.

bloggingmommy said...

Hi Rekha, Glad to find your blog! How sad the past few days have been for Mumbai. I hope finally this makes more people challenge the status quo.

ligne said...

@bloggingmommy: hope this stuff doesnt appear again before elections next year...:(