Thursday, June 29, 2006

D**** the five letter word

Dear Diary,

I saw a strange movie. I walked out of the theater telling my friends how I liked the movie.
Then they pointed out how it was all about death..Even though the ending was happy the message of death being inevitable was hammered in with all nuts and bolts secured.

I walk into the empty house..switch on lights just to make me feel better. The music is playing loud. I feel in a daze.

For the uninitated I went to see and Australian movie called "Look Both Ways". The movie pencils a bunch of characters around a train freak accident of man trying to catch hold of his dogs. In the background is the running news of a huge train crash killing several.

Its about a couple of people who have started seeing death everywhere.
It was actually very well directed movie. I soaked it all...the direction, the acting..the mix of animation.. the concept all of it. And yet now I feel drained. Drained of some spirit.

I want to tell you how it reminded me of all the train accidents which we have witnessed only in the news (at least me!) How after a while it becomes numbers on the screen. One forgets how it might effect the ones involved. How rarely do we shed tears for unknown strangers.
Yet its inevitable..we all die one day. We all die alone..and we each have to cope with it our own way.

So I sit here and stare at my computer, at loss for words to describe how it feels! Perhaps you should watch the movie..and maybe you will understand what it is I want to tell you. No! i am not here to advertise a movie, but to advertise bits of entertaiment to remind you the five lettered
truth called Death!



Born a Libran said...

U thinking about death so much is freaky... R u alright there?

ligne said...

well you know how it is. sometimes you see a movie, you think something and you have to vent it out..and blog seems appropriate.

doing perfectly fine waise..had nice fun at six flags :)

Born a Libran said...

Good... I watched India dismiss the Windies... Inspite of our strength being spin and inspite of them having half their team being desis whose strength is playing spin, we made it with a couple of jitters towards the end... :)

ligne said...

I know they had a bunch of desis in the team..but i didnt knowthey cud play spin...
yeah it was kind too close for the supremacy we had..
on a diff note..u shud have come..:)