Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Phone sshphone..

You and I don't make sense, Its like our friendship was an error in the global settings. A blip on the blank screen..the one that wasn't supposed to be there.
Its a miracle we have been friends for this long.

Hold on..what are you talking about ?

See have no idea what we have been conversing about for the past 10 minutes..yet you refuse to hang up the phone

Hang up on you? When have I hung up the phone on you?

Ah..but you would like to won't you? I mean..we carry out these meaningless conversations everyday..for half hour..when you would rather be watching a movie or something!

Actually I am watching a movie right now. Except neither the movie or what you are saying makes any sense to me.

Which brings me back to my point na? We just dont make sense.. why are we carrying out this charade of friendship? For what 3 years now?

Ah come on..who else can I call and watch a movie at the same time and fail understanding both?

Why dont you just watch your movie? Am sure its much more simple to understand

I was only joking da...

See! I cannot even tell when you are joking and when you are serious.


Hmm what? Why dont you just go back to..oh am sorry continue watching your movie?..

Now that you mention it..its almost nearing the end.. I will call you after its done.

Grrr.. Wrong choice..see you dont know anything about dont know when I mean something and when I don't. Well BYE then...!

Hmm..ok..Bye talk to you later


Born a Libran said...

:D Some conversations dont have to be understood by both partied... Do they?

ligne said...

I guess not :)

Casablanca said...

Oh oh oh... I hope the temper was better the next time you'll talked.

ligne said...

haha..the bad temper is only known for its ridiculous nature..and not to be taken seriously :)