Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Power of love !

He was everything my parents had warned me against! He was everything I would have asked my friends to stay away from. He changed jobs every two months. His temper and mood changed with the weather.
He could never keep his eyes away from any good looking woman on the street, even when I was with him, His friends were the street goons, the ones who made comments on everyone who walked by, who gave the thelewallahs a hard time. The kind who could find pleasure in teasing children. The kind who oggled at every woman.

I believed he was not like them, even if they were his best friends. I did not pay heed to all that was adviced against him. I was in love with him. He used to take me out on his motorbike riding it dangerously. He made me feel special. He had no one else in his life, no family that was known, no siblings. I was everything to him, or so he told me.

Fifteen years later, here we are, sitting across each other at the dining room of our two bedroom flat as our children squabble away. He talks to them patiently, trying to be the peacemaker.
The bike has long been sold. He has had the same job for the all of our married years. He is the father of my two little girls, whom he adores. His street friends have moved away from the locality, some into stable lives, others into anonymity.

I have it all made. So it seems, Did my love change him? The ambiguity of it all strikes me. Here I am, the daughter of proud parents, living a life envied by some, and approved by all. Here I am, sitting in front of the man I fell in love with. Here I am sitting in front of the man, who is nothing like the man I fell in love with.


kittu said...

wow... very well written story... I think the woman can take the credit cause the change was causal...

ligne said...

It didnt really happen you know? Its only a story.. Although my thought this new changed person still somebody she loves or not?

Born a Libran said...

Great story... I think it can safely be assumed that she or the whole family (the kids added) as such changed him... Good point at the end though about whether they were still in love... People change all the time because of the circumstances around them... Can love be permanent? I would like to think so but I dont know.....

ligne said...

I would like to think so too.. that the love
for the person stays constant and yet changing with the way the both of them change.. She must have changed too I suppose!

who_am_i said...

Story reads well in terms of the way its written. I have a few comments to make on the story itself.

1. The text gives me the impression that he is a good-for-nothing: (para 1- person who teased women and children.) Therefore, the question that arises is: why she fall in love with him in the first place. I thought a person likes another for whom he or she is. If she changed him completely (and she changed herself in the bargain), is this actually "love" ?

2. The narrator seems to be a person who likes adventures:

" He used to take me out on his motorbike riding it dangerously. He made me feel special."

Don't you think that her proclivity for an adventurous life is something that she might have interpreted as "love" ? The fact that he changed for the better is what makes the title apt - but that might have not been the case.

who_am_i said...

I shouldn't be mixing up blog comments. This is your own comment for another blog that you posted:

"Lately I feel like people create problems in their lives just to make it all more interesting :)"

I think that is what this story is about. :)

ligne said...

I kind of specified..his friends teased women and he was a person hanging out with the wrong set..even though he was trying to be a tapori in his own right!
Its the bit about hte love am questioning too..if a person changes so it love?