Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just an observation..

.. and I have to say that these adjectives are not really mutually exclusive

Nice, homely boys fall in love with the girl next door types. The girl next door types fall in love with the pseud cool looking guys. The pseud cool looking guys fall in love with beautiful,outgoing type of girls.
The beautiful,outgoing type of girls fall in love and in fact marry nice, homely boys. Where that leaves rest of them...I wonder!

PS: I am sure its not a standard rule..But yaar its my blog, its my observation.. its a free world out there..or that was what I was told!


Born a Libran said...

You always aim for the stuff you cant get... Its like this unwritten law hich human nature follows... What comes easily isnt worth its weight in gold... Sometimes I think we are living in an illusion over what we like/love... It actually is simply the struggle of achieving something that is good/great... Not the actual thing we achieve... Am I being clear or muddled up logic?

ligne said...

I suppose..the obvious things ellude our sight, because they are too obvious.
no you are not being muddled. Its probably too simple to aim for stuff you can get...!
Lately I feel like people create problems in their lives just to make it all more interesting :)