Thursday, August 03, 2006

All that in a pack of biscuits?

I just discovered a new brand of biscuits with a chocolate layer..etc by PiM's. So the pack claims its France's No. 1 Biscuit Brand, but its made in Belgium. (no contradiction there really!)

Anyway, managed to finish the whole pack of biscuits..and I have to tell you they are really good..
What amused me however is the stuff written to advertise this !

"PIMs varieties are a unique selection of extremely indulgent biscuits, made with the finest ingredients to creat your own moment of sensual pleasure every day.

Be seduced by PIM's Orange, a combination of three luscious taste sensations : delicate soft biscuit, natural tangy orange fruit filling and rich chocolate, for an intense taste experience. "

Are they talking about biscuits? Scary part is ..its all true :)
(I added the italics to decorate the text btw :) )


Born a Libran said...

More than what is written, it is the power of suggestion made by your decorations that really eats the cake... uh... biscuit :)

ligne said...

thanks..I will take that as a compliment for reinterpreting the written word :)