Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Runaway Plane..never coming back.. What are the chances?

Well..first half of the title is explained in

I have spent the last week fretting about what A would write on his blog about the trip. The moving, lack of sleep, lack of DSL connection just made me miserable. The only consolation was that A doesn't have internet yet either:)

Here I am in the coffeshop finally, connected to the NET world..and feeling much better now that I have read BAL's blog. He was done me no injustice..(for I feared that I would be featured as the main culprit in the drama even before our trip to Yosemite started!)

Anyway, I promised to write about my trip to Yosemite. Unfortunately, my camera refused to give me saath, the shutter got stuck 12 hrs after I had retrieved it from the security at ORD! The pictures hence will be gotten only after much begging and borrowing..:)
continued a few days later...

Still jostling with Ameritech over my dsl line. They blame faulty wiring, I blame faulty customer

What are the chances that A still hasn't updated his blog by now? Apparently 100 %.
Following is courtesy A, V and N's narration. Featuring S,N, A, SS, V and me all introduced in

. Special Appearence : Strange(r) Desi. Name Unknown. Possibly from Silicon Valley. Accompanied by wife and two kids (dont feature in the scene!)

Scene: Six, very grumpy desis, the gender equality in numbers is baffling.

Three of them have spent the last half hour walking in the dark collecting firewood ( at some point equating themselves to hyenas, since we were picking up wood from abandoned campsites!). After reaching camp, they realize the size of wood needs to be reduced without the aid of an axe. Various ideas

* like putting log between two stones and jumping on it...
* one person holding log, other jumping on it...
* plain hitting the log in frustration ensues...

Eventually, some log is retrived, pretensious fire ensues.

Lonely woman has to do all the cooking. Her friends have abandoned her for other work. Her spirits never die. A good meal is being concocted in the dark!

Two of them have spent last half hour trying to figure out how to get the latern working in dark!
The irony of the situation does strike them! Then they keep their spirits up and set up the tent.
Even join in helping in cooking and fire starting!

Enter our hero (villan? comedian?)

A huge SUV pulls up.. a head pokes into our camp from the dark.

"HEy" he says..

Another look at us
" What are the chances?"
Baffles audiences (at least some of them!)
" Can you guys tell me where ## campsite is ? "
Answers given..SUV moves ahead.

Grumpy desis look at each other...what are the chances??

Irritating Desi back in the vicinity.

" Where did you get the firewood..?"

A answers.." WE went looking around for them!"

" Did you go in the dark?"

N explains .. " WE came after it got dark..only half hr ago!"

" So you found firewood in the dark"

Someone nods...

" What are the chances I will get firewood if I go looking for it now?"

Everyone is thinking, why doesnt he just go looking instead of asking us questions!

" Maybe you will find some "

Intruding Desi leaves...

Some explainations on his remarks are sought

N says.. " This guy lives in California and is surprised to find desis in Yosemite."

Poor Desi was at the wrong end of our jokes rest of hte trip.

What are the chances he is reading this?? (*running for shelter from brickbats!*)


Born a Libran said...

Well, how could I put the blame on you? (well, at least publicly :) )

ligne said...

b a l: whatever the glad you stuck to the facts :)