Friday, August 25, 2006

The dream

Sakshi woke up blushing. The feeling of standing close to him and holding his hand still felt real.
She just had to close her eyes and she could imagine standing by him, holding his hand and walking.

Except who was he? She was most certain he wasn't Praveen. Wouldn't Praveen find this amusing, her holding a stranger's hand in her dream? It was embarrassing that she had such wierd dreams. She decided against telling Praveen about it. He would just make fun of her and it was only a dream.

She actually did end up telling him about the dream later that day. Again, it wouldn't have happened if she had not felt the brush of his sleeve in the bus on her way back home. She was trying to get toward the front of the bus (her stop being a few minutes ahead) when she got the feeling again. She turned to look who this chap was, but it was hard to tell in the crowded bus.

Praveen thought it amusing that she had a dream man who wasn't him. Sakshi could not quite tell whether he felt hurt or was just amused. In any case it was a harmless dream.

A few days later she had the same dream again. It just felt good to walk with him. She felt secure, unlike other guys. Apparently she loved walking with this stranger in her dreams.

She met him again on the bus a couple of days later. This time she saw his face, even though it was turned away from her. His dark glasses covered his expression. He was handsome. "Tall and skinny, nice clothes" thought Sakshi blushingly.

Today the bus wasn't so crowded. When she got off at her stop, she felt him behind her. It was too tempting. After walking a few steps away from the bus stop she turned to look. He was facing away from her, toward the traffic, trying to cross the road.

When the white stick came out, it all made sense! She was there beside him, holding his hand, crossing the road, just like in her dream.


Tapan said...

Nice to have you back writing. Keep'em coming.

ligne said...

thanks :)