Tuesday, September 19, 2006


At the end of the day
Its just you and me
No matter how long we are apart
How long I keep away from you

At the end of the day
Its you I have to face
Its you I have to answer to
No matter how often I turn away

At the end of the day
I have no where to go
Weary and tired all I do is
close my eyes and try to sleep

At the end of the day
I can no longer avoid
no longer control my mind.
from thinking...of life and death
of unkept promises
of beginnings and the end

Disclaimer : Sometimes its hard to say what we want and at the same time keep the other person interested in listening to us. As far as poetry goes, this one is crappy..but these thoughts would look just as bad in prose form..perhaps the costume sometimes makes an expression a little more interesting?


Anonymous said...

Please remove this song from your blog. It takes ages to load.

ligne said...

now I know why people wanted me to allow anon comments :) well hte song is off..
but it will be replaced..:)