Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From Mars to Earth

In high school there used to be this silly joke floating around. The person telling the joke would be shaking hands with the listner and asking them questions about the planet earth. The joker if I may say so was claimed to be from Mars.
Jokers asks " So how do you have babies on Earth?"
The real Joker (who is buying all this) repeats some terminolgy learnt in a recently taught bio lesson about reproduction in mammals (very embarrased at this point!) and then feeling smart about it asks " How about in Mars?"
Joker then says " Oh, we do it by shaking hands..!"
Immediately hand retreats from clasp.. and the amount of laughter embarrasment brings is amazing.
Of course the smart Alec (or is it alex?) response is " Oh I was expecting that..that isn't even funny.."

Anyway, I was thinking if people had babies on Earth by shaking hands..very soon shaking hands in public would be termed obscene.....and all sorts of things can happen..censor board refrains me from writing any further :)

On a different note coming back to our dear Earth, I would like to call friday, September the 15th the All Rude Day. I got up feeling exteremely cranky, and unhappy. For some reason everyone else felt the same way too I think. Any store I entered, I would be met by unfriendly smiles..not for me anyway! One smile would have made a hell of a difference that moment..but then again I everything around us mostly a reflection of our own self?

Some strange doings of Earthlings like me..
So I try save paper, use recycling..use the wasted papers from the printer for scrap paper (I do math you see..that takes a lot of paper..sometimes anyway!). And then I happily use kitchen tissue to clean my kitchen floor..who will bother to use a cloth and then wash it haan?
Storing organic food..(err..groceries..) in plastic containers only comes second to that...


Perspective Inc. said...

I can relate to that... i recycle and conserve but usually convenience comes before my lofty plans to save the world! :)
Lol@ the mars joke...brought back some rather juvenile memories!

IdeaSmith said...

LOL...I liked your thought of reproduction by shaking hands...wish you'd elaborate on that!

Born a Libran said...

Unfortunately, that is how society functions... What is obscene today might be totally allowed tomorrow or vice versa. This stuff applies for people across social boundaries too.

who_am_i said...

Think abt it in this way: Using recycled paper for math and kitchen towel for cleaning is better than using using fresh paper for math and kitchen towels for cleaning :))

btw, whats wrong in storing organic food in plastic containers ?

ligne said...

perspec inc : the mars joke used to be ho..usne aisa kaisa bola joke :)
its so hard to be on the right side..when the line is thinning every day!

ideasmith : I wudnt risk getting banned for elaborating that..but imagination on the other hand is a free bird :)

@bal : like I said..its hard to figure out the right no longer black and seemed so when I was in high school :(

who_am_i : well..I guess organic is envoirmental friendly..plastic is not..:)