Thursday, November 30, 2006

Completely Random

I have been brainwashed from the day I was born. That must be it, how else would you explain that everytime I think of God, I think of Him? and not Her?

If I were a feminist ( I am not admitting to be one or the other here!) I would explain that when you think of God, you think of someone who is better than humans..who is perfect.. There is no room for perfection in women, so he better be a man na?

Before you bring out your brickbats ( I mean the few male readers who frequent this blog), let me distract you. I am talking about brainwashing with social norms and how
inbuilt it is. You buy your daughter pink..and you buy your son blue clothes. You (read I ) laugh at male friends when they wear baby pink or orange shirts. We are taught that a standard family is a dad , a mom and children. No wonder single parenting is hard..because we have made it abnormal.. You might attribute it to natural instincts.. And yet we want social stamps of marraige to make these supposed natural instincts valid! (anybody can figure out what my marital status is from that remark..but that was not the point..duh!)

Almost all those little things, which I explain as "I like it this it a whim..isn't everyone allowed a whim.".has really been ingrained from Day some form or the other. The people around me weren't trying to imprint these things, but they did so anyway. My generation grew up with a fear of drugs..the ad campaigning possibly worked to a great extent..on false dread or real ones.
You told me why certain wars happened. You told me which side was good and which one was a subtle way.. (how often was this side the one who ended up winning?).

Everything including morality was instilled ...No, I suppose some moral virtues are inherent..have nothing to do with the surroundings, but there are others..which have been ingrained with years of the form of stories..moral lessons.
Weren't we supposed to judge these things for ourselves?

And it is right about here in my thoughts when I start fearing media. If you keep telling me I should be afraid of something...sooner or later, you will instill the fear in me. Then when you offer me protection, I will take it..even if it binds me in a cell for the rest of my life.


Born a Libran said...

Totally agree with the post... Our personalities are the sum of our experiences... Which means that in another version of this universe, this whole society/wociety drama will not exist...

ligne said...

I have been wondering about hte alternate universe bit..the one with all the negative of this one.. that would be interesting