Thursday, November 09, 2006

Movie Nostalgia

Iske aage ki ab dastaan mujhse sun(ho ho ho ho ho)
Iske aage ki ab dastaan mujhse sun
Sun ke teri nazar dabdaba jayagi
Baat dil ki jo ab tak tere dil mein thi,
Mera dawa hai hoton pe aa jayegi

I always wondered what he meant by that somehow, the next set of lyrics
Tu masiha………..
Tu masiha mohabbat ke maron ka hai(slow)
Tu masiha mohabbat ke maron ka hai
Hum tera naam sun kar chale aaye hain
Ab dua de hamein ya tu de de zeher
Teri mehfil mein ye dil jale aaye hain
Ek ehsaan kar……..
Ehsaan kar(slow)
Ek ehsaan kar, apne mehmaan par
Apne mehmaan par ek ehsaan kar
De Duaein
De Duaein use umra bhar ke liye
Salaam-e-ishq meri jaan…..

in my mind did not make sense. Finally I realized..he meant those lyrics to impress Rekha in this song! Well anyway, this song was playing and my thought went back to the movie. And I thought they just don't make movies like that any more.

I know I know..they make Action flicks..mindless which I love..they make movies on social issues..much needed.. they make happy goody films.. which are nice to watch.
They even make some family drama... not that I have seen a good one lately.

But they just don't write intense drama anymore. Before, you tell me otherwise here is my take on it. I saw Muqqadar ka Sikander at least 12 years ago. I have watched it only once. I remember one hell of a lot of the movie. Simply because the passions run so high! What a strange plot... Amjhad Khan (Dilawar), a goon is in love with dancer Rekha (Zohrabai). Zohrabai is in love with Amitabh (Sikandar). Sikandar is in love with Rakhi (Kaamna,urf Memsaab) . Kaamna is in love with Vinod Khanna (Vishal). The only source of any hapiness in the movie was the fact that Vishal actually reciprocated Kaamna's love.

Of course, this all seems far-fetched (although I honestly think its really not all that far from real life love stories!). Being in love with someone, who was kind to you as a a little too deep on retrospect. But allow for the usual exagerations, the movie kept you
involved with each of the characters. And you come back from the movie thinking What if! What if..Vinod Khanna had not written the letter for Amitabh. What if Rekha had not taken Vinod Khanna so seriously. What if Amjad Khan had realized that Rekha had been much in love with Amitabh.

Call it nostalgia..if you will... it was entertaining while it lasted!


Koi Pahailee said...

lost for words....
i dont remember muqadar ka sikander
but the thing is...dont they make all movies these days that are intense in something...
mindless love affairs and stupid problems

and now they are remaking all that old stuff
and its worse
i kinda liked old DON...
and this one is SUCH a big disappointment...
and Janeman...all I can say is ... if u ask the director whats 2 + 2 , he will say ... dhenchoo dhenchoo (like a donkey silly)i mean how can u see logic in that movie plot...a guy who does nothing but dream...a stupid NASA scientist who has achieved nothing while being out there at NASA...I mean life moves on, doesn't it, he had a stupid crush and he should not come back after 12 years still in love like if he has not grown up at NASA...
plus the story starts with the girl claiming 50lahks (cuz she cant afford herself)..and while the movies progresses, u realise that she has a SHOP in NEW YORK...and her father has a MANSION in NEW YORK..i mean WHAT IS THAT all about

Anyways,...bohot ho gaya :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, those lyrics were indeed meant to impresss "rekha".

ligne said...

KP: I know what you are saying..some of the so called blockbusters aren't really worth watching.
I actually liked the new don just as much as the old one. But I am not looking forward to other Sholay !
Haven't seen Jaanemann. maybe I never will..

Anon: I didnt even have guess who you might be :) those lyrics were indeed impressive..