Monday, February 11, 2008

more and butter milk

What is it about us humans ( and I am generalizing this a fair bit not including all living beings!) that we always want more?

We are happy but we want to be more happy (as if we could really quantify it..but maybe that is the point!) We have money but we want more. We have freedom..but it just ain't enough. We have love but god forbid if we were ever satisfied with it.

Ok..there is an argument in life that if you don't want will never achieve. So if you had been just happy with fire ( and by you I mean B. Franklin) there would have been no electricity. If you had been happy with mail.. and again..I really mean G. Bell there wouldn't have been any telephones. ( At this point I sincerely hope that there were mail carriers well before Mr Bell arrived on the scene!)

Alright so I buy that argument and say that maybe one should not want more of what we already have..but want different things. Except at this of Mahatmas (and I do say this with all due respect) arrives and preaches that we should not want anything. That the whole purpose of life is letting go..etc etc..

And my argument against that is, well why live a life trying all your life not to live it? Why try new techniques when you happy already.. ? Why give up what you got..instead of making it better.. ? Why want something else? At this point I realize I have a come a full circle with an argument. If I had really known any better..I wouldn't be here blogging instead of working on my fact..I would be here at all.I would be a Swami.. or Gyani..or something like that! Either making tonnes of money (most possibly that!) or living in Himalayas..on alms..

Right now I am amused that whatever word processor blogger is using recognizes Swami
and Mahatma:)

About the buttermilk my ABCD cousin was at a wedding reception in India. He had had a cup of this amazing Tamilian filter coffee. So, he went to the cook and asked for "more". The nice man poured him a glass of buttermilk and gave it to him.

Moral? So when have you ever gotten anything you asked for?


IdeaSmith said...

Khee khee khee....I don't have any answers for you but I did find the last bit of the post howl-a-rious!

Anonymous said...

he he... i am one of the greedy ones... but sometimes it feels like more out of life until you have no life... i guess the paths you choose make a big difference... happy thesis writing :)