Tuesday, February 12, 2008

of idols and idolizing

My friend was complaining about Aditya Narayan, once of "chota baccha samajh ke mujhse naa takrana" fame,now the compere ( I really cannot spell the word) MC of
Saregamapa. He sings ok but not enough to be idolized.

I realized in todays world ...with internet anyone can be idolized..or infamous..or famous..
Like Ms South Carolina was it? Her slip up in Miss America spread on internet like wild fire.
Or the desi guy in American Idol who became famous for his bad singing!
Or the stars of various song competetions..Especialy if they are from small towns..they become the talk of the town real quick.
If you check online..there is a fan club for anyone who is remotely famous. Tehre are already at least 20 communities on Orkut raving about Ishant sharma.

My Plan? If I really get nowhere in proving my theorems in math...then prove that anyone (and really anyone) can become the rage of the town on the "internet " :)

PS: I should not forget to mention my TV idol..Since am more into reruns and watch old seasons of tv series on DVDs..For the past two years its been Ms Lorelai Gilmore.. what can I say..she has the "TV life"


Anil P said...

Hmmm, it is someone to idolize, something to think about.

Am@nd!ne said...

U r wrong