Thursday, June 18, 2009

one liners

I have been recently thinking about changing my profession. I would like to be an advertisement critic. There probably are people who get paid for doing that. Part inspiration is the TNT series Trust me, which gives an idea about how much work goes into making an advertisement. Partly its the few adverts that took me by surprise and the others which made me bang my head to the wall.
Let me start by telling you about the latter first! Fortune Oil,
The tag line? Compare the oil to dishwashing liquid, why? because when you make food in Fortune oil you will lick off the plate cleaner than the dishwashing liquid!
OMG, I felt like pulling the hair of the person who came up with that idea. Chances are of course that person is bald by now anyway.
The best one recently I saw was Max New York Life Insurance.
Tag line : Karo Zyada ka Irada
Plot : Child repeating everything father says
daddy dada
banana banaana
chechslovakia brrr Kid makes a face!
It was brilliant and well supported.
Whats a good advertisement? Context, (which precisely means that you dont have to throw in skimpily dressed women in each and every ad you make!)
A good tag line which relates to the product, and then a sixty second spot which brings it home!
Dont overthink your audience, just think!


penandpaper said...

Yes it is an entertaining ad. But I think it is little low on Brand Recall.

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