Friday, February 05, 2010


Its hard to imagine that life could be perfect. The second I think that my life is perfect now and I don't want to change anything I assume I have jinxed it. Cause otherwise it would be strange. I have done nothing in my life to feel happy or content for very long, because one is supposed to earn it and its not clear what one did to earn it!

If I am saying everything is good, then of course something will mess it up. Cause otherwise that would be too easy. How can I be happy knowing that I am happy and there is nothing left to yearn for?

Cause if somebody discovered that there are very few wishes that have yet to true then this life may not last very long. Don't they say that there is a calm before the storm.

Of course they don't say every calm has to be followed by a storm. But you cannot assume that. Cause if you did, as luck goes, there will be a storm following the calm.

So in anticipation of the storm you spend you happiness stingily. You would rather have bouts of small sorrows rather than a big long lasting sadness. So when there is nothing to feel sad about you create it. You create imperfection there is none.

In all, i am always in state of almost happy, perfection. There is always that craving for one little thing if it were to come true life will be perfect..

But that is life haan? else what else would there be to live for?

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