Sunday, April 01, 2012

The art of doing nothing

I think I have finally excelled at it. I can sit for an hour not even day dreaming, just with continuous flashes of what I should be doing and next thing I know a huge chunk of time has passed. I decided today was my day to take a break. How is different from yesterday , you ask me? I do not know. Except perhaps yesterday the goal was to have fun, enjoy ride into the city, eat out watch a movie. One gets tired when having fun.

A break on the other hand is .., well it is the ability to sit idle and not feel bored, not feel the urge to be somewhere else, feel the need to talk to people. A break is sheer contentment in the present, not feeling stressed out about work piling up as I sit here blogging away after years ... A break is cooking without putting your mind into it and discovering halfway through lunch that hey, am a pretty decent cook! A break is being able to sit down and write what one feels like without worrying about the quality of though that I am professing.

There have been other Sundays where I have spent the whole day without seeing a human face...ok am exaggerating a tad bit there, but lets say spent the whole day without having a real conversation. Usually by evening I am at my wits end about what to do with the rest of the Sunday other than get back to work.

Today, I must say has been pleasant, there have been short spurts of work being done feeling and yet I have managed to while away time without being bored.

Its been a good day; a break from the everyday, from the stress of underachieving, from the desire to be elsewhere, from the thought of wrong turns one has made...from the dread of the ticking clock, its been a Sunny day, a day for bad puns :)

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