Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Alien Feeling

I cannot stop thinking about this theory my brother told me, about how we are the true aliens on the planet. That we are so different from everything around us, its not clear how the jump in the evolution was made.

I am not a specialist in any of these subjects but I must say this view point is turning me off Zoos, Museums etc just when my son has started enjoying them!  

Its strange we just collect samples of animals put them in a Zoo, so we can take a peak at their world. More eerie when I accidentally ended up seeing a huge display of  stuffed animals in the Museum. Actually I never verified whether they were just models or stuffed animals, birds and fishes. I am kind of scared of finding off the truth. I spent all my time there running after my toddler who was thrilled to see bigger versions of animal pictures he has seen in a book.

But if they are indeed stuffed, then what a strange fettish for humans to have! Why do we want to see what other animals look like while we live in cities.  Over time we have lost all ability to truly live in wild, we got rid of all the animal hair, we cannot survive without clothes, eat only cooked food. In fact, most of us would not know how scavenge for food in a forest. We have shed every animal instinct we may have had (barring a few I suppose!) and surrounded ourselves with things that keep us busy.

Its almost as if we created work so we had something to do! In the event of eventual distruction, perhaps some people will be transported to a different planet and would start from scratch !!

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