Sunday, February 12, 2006

Derivatives in Real Life

We derive inspiration from those around us.

We derive our aspirations from what is around us.

We derive pleasure from our surroundings.

We are the derivatives of our familiy's hopes and fears. (so, Mike and the Mechanics tell me in the Living Years!)


Koi Pahailee said...

Very well thought
i wish derivatives in the really real life (i.e. the financial world:)) could be this simple :P

ligne said...

hehe, I was going to say the other way round.. that derivatives in real life are so much more difficult than in math..:)

IdeaSmith said...

I like the idea but I wouldn't quite agree with the last line. At least...some of us attempt to be more than that.

Casablanca said...

Mathematical derivatives.
Then came financial derivates.
And now, you show me derivatives in real life.
This word is out to get me.
Sigh :(

ligne said...

@ideasmith: of course! Like I said I stole that last line from the song of Mike and Mechanics, cause I thought it was partly true.

@casa: :)

littlecow said...

And sometimes we become the sum of all their fears! :)

(yes...yes... dont be a good girl and respond with your standard 'speak for yourself'!)

ligne said...

@lc : argh.. now what do I say? you stole my response..
i had something good to say in return.. but blogger fooled me into thinking i had written it.. and now its lost to me..:)