Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Walking towards my office from the coffee shop I looked around.
Every city has a character of its own. People dress differently here from the Midwest. They just don't seem to dress all that brightly here as in the Midwest. All dark coats, grey and black.. smart looking men and women. But no bright colours.

Then splash! Actually it was Whoosh! The truck past me sprayed a whole lot of dust on me. " And dust," All big cities have their share of dust and wind.
The daily routine is such that I walk a lot and think a lot about what I want to write.
Except I never get around to writing it.

I really like to write. But its not writing, I really love to think out loud. Put it out there for some listening ear to catch it. But really, I don't even want to think out loud. How wonderful it would be if I could transmit my thoughts.

I would just think " Loud" and then ramble on into the universe. Some kind soul would happen to say at that time " Listen" and would hear my comic narrations (even if I say so myself!) And then when I get bored with thinking, I would switch to " Listen" and tune into somebodys thoughts. Neat....

Sigh! and what a beautiful dream it was , chaotic perhaps but beautiful all the same :)


littlecow said...

wishing to "tune into" other peoples minds is dangerous territory! who knows what dwells in their sub-conscious?! :D

that said, i have wondered about the tuning funda too, if only to palliate my obsessive need to analyze it all...

Casablanca said...

Oh, but isnt blogging just that? You write when you want to talk, and you peep into others' lives and listen, when you visit their blogs :)

ligne said...

@lc : I didn't mean tune into to any mind. I mean tune into minds which are talking "Loud" at that minute. It is still fairly dangerous but not that much, you dont hear what people dont want you to hear na?

@casa: yep, but my crib was that I have to remember my thoughts, and wait till I get to a computer or pen paper to jot it down..So really what i need is a mind recorder :)

littlecow said...

>but isnt blogging just that? You >write when you want to talk, and you >peep into others' lives and listen, >when you visit their blogs :)

oh! have you girls heard about this new thing they call a cell-phone?! you get to talk with anyone else who has this device using invisible waves (almost like magic, ins't it?)


littlecow said...

meanwhile, i have been thinking about writing on topics that other bloggers have already written about. for example, if ligne writes about 'random ramblings', i follow suit. before you frown, it has its advantages i say:

1. i dont need to be creative to blog
2. i dont need to think about a topic to blog
3. ....and and most importantly, the blogworld begins to have its first conversations in a room full of monologues.

what say you?

ligne said...

@lc : I suppose you talk to people you haven't met all the time, by dialing up random numbers and depending on what kind of voice you hear? :)
I dont know if your question was addressed to me or casa, but sure you can do that.. u shud probably say a note.. this is the blog which the topic was frm so people can follow up.. what say casa, lc?

littlecow said...

>I suppose you talk to people you >haven't met all the time, by dialing >up random numbers and depending on >what kind of voice you hear? :)

i have done something crazier than that. when i was in 12th, i called up a classmate and asked for bala. his mom was stunned and never really spoke with me again- must have thought i was messed up in my head. ahem, talk about letting go of the Self and being in harmony with the rest of the world! ;-)

ligne said...

stunned silence :) but i have heard this one before :)