Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Say a little prayer

You know you are in trouble when you read the sign on a door saying " dept of so and so...Welding lab " as "Wedding lab!". It almost makes me sound lonely and desperate.. I say almost, cause in reality am not desperate, lonely..yes.. and that is just due to being a strange city.

Anyway, I have my own solution to all this. Like every good human being, I pray every night for all the wars to end..good things happen to good people. And then I have a secret prayer of my own.. which namely seeks a few miracles, like a husband, two children, a doctrate, a job at a univ in India..( I figured asking for a house to add to that list is way too much, some restraint is due even with greed!) appear lo and behold next morning..

Every night, oh god I say a little prayer for me :)


Casablanca said...

Some redundancy, I notice. In your list. Pray for a husband. If he is good enough, you wont need prayers for 2 children.

Okay, okay, dont hit me. I am in a mood for PJs today :D

ligne said...

casa: originally i was going to put a sentence saying, don't tell me how I can make this miracles happen etc..:) since i didnt.. my fault..:) so no virtual slaps will ensue :)