Monday, February 06, 2006

weathering heights

Its insanely cold out.. Its cold in my room.. :( Change of cities, no change in weather but its almost a new life.
Its like being back in Bombay again, travelling half hr for work. Except its cooooooold..
Change in life is expected. But expected or unexpected its hard to accept.. at least for me..but then, every time after the first few days of complaining I settle down and hate to leave.
Thats probably a pattern hard to change, I would rather crib now than hate living here always :) If you didnt realize by now, its really cold out and am wrapped up in blankets while writing this....The sunny bright days though decieving are most welcome.


kaunquest said...

yup..wrap up in a blanket and get a nice hot cup of tea. Enjoy :)

ligne said...

turns out the heat in my room doesnt work right :( well will have to suffer another day till it gets fixed.