Saturday, January 28, 2006


Its the first time that I have deleted a post on this blog because I didn't like what I wrote. So anyone who might have happened to have read it over the last 24 hours, knows what am talking about..

It was a moment of weakness, a moment of self obsessing. And now when I read it, its entirely repulsive. Its kind of strange that
* Being positive about self is good, but you shouldn't be snooty about it.
* looking into oneself is good, but being self centered is not.
* being in love with one's personality isn't bad at all, but stop being narcsisitic.

And then I wonder about all this morality business.. Why did I get disgusted with my momentary self obsession? Why do I think its wrong or distasteful?
Eventually every action is really selfish in its own way or selfless, its how you percieve it and how directly you stand to gain..

ps : i still love my haircut though..:)


Casablanca said...

This is your blog, so feel free to be anything you wanna be here :)

PS: Hope to hear more about said haircut ;)

ligne said...

sorry i never replied to this one.. probably doesn't matter now. i had written a post about how I love my haircut etc.. and of course no one even really noticed taht i cut my hair.. khair.. felt wierd about it and then deleted the post :)