Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I thinking currently I have two obsessions. Have to watch one episode of Remington Steele every night no matter what. And have to read blogs, and come up with stuff to write.
Why does every new thing have to be an obsession with me? In case of writing its a age old obsession which surfaces on and off given enough fuel. For a while my obsession was reading shouts on desi-radio. I made several e-friends via DR. cool!
Now am obsessed with blogging. I want write something, no matter how nonsensical everyday.
Yesterday I decided I would write only "meaningful"(aah I can see you grin when u read the next line!) things, so I came up with a story.
Now am upset cause no one leaves comments on stories apparently.
Then I have to remember my cousins famous words, etched in my memory " Write about things that you feel, about people you know, real life experiences."
Still can't do it. If I make my story too real, will it still be interesting? If it happened to me, would I want to tell you about it? and why would anything interesting ever happen to me? shrug!
Back to my topic.. I think I suffer from obsessive syndrome, whether its a disorder I will let you decide. Still waiting for the day when I can truely obsess about what I do for a living!!


janani said...

Hmm I used to obsess about F.R.I.E.N.D.S too. Now that I have seen all the 10 seasons, it has come down a notch. As for obsessing about writing - Been there done that too! :-) Meaningful stuff can get boring too sometimes and stories are nice. Maybe you can write about everything and let the readers figure out if it's fiction or autbiography. :-)

littlecow said...

clearly, obsessions are good. infact, obsessions are great. keep writing about them and you will gain a steady readership. afterall, a normal sucker like me would be more interested in exploring the mind of a maniac than a genteel mathematician who attacks problems in homotopy...

better still is the case of a maniac lurking inside a mathematician... who wouldn't want to watch that creature which has been hitherto hidden? :-D

you got comment. happy?

ligne said...

@janani: hmm, would like to do that, mix fiction and facts.. as long as no one tries reading between the lines..
its probably blank anyway :)
@balakumar: yep happy with getting comments. even this is an obsession.. soon i will be beyond caring.. I hope :)

Casablanca said...

I obsess too... over a lot of things! And over a lot of people!

Blog everyday, irrespective of whether people comment or not. Its therapeutic... you will love writing whatever you feel like. And the readers will flock :)

ligne said...

thanks casablanca.. will try to keep this up.. its been fun so far :)