Sunday, January 22, 2006


This huge craving I have for sweets results in me going to the halwai dukkan every day. Day in day out visiting leads to love of course. Before you know I am married to my dear motu halwai. I can imagine what happens ten years hence. He has a huge belly, he has a definitely a huge mustache. I sit at the counter looking after the finances (after all the math has to be used somewhere!).

In the mornings before the shop opens I stare at him lovingly, my motu halwai, stirring the huge kadhai filled with ghee. I will pour the besan while he stirs the liquid mixture.
Then there they will be, perfect mysore paks like mom makes.

In the afternoon, the shop closes for an hour. I make fresh chappatis for him. We will have a good meal, shared in silence. And then he presents me with a new sweet he has made. He puts the first piece ever tasted into my mouth. I critically assess it, and as always its perfect.

Around 4 the schools will end. In among other children who will pour in to buy sweetmeats, come in our children, chunnu, munni, gulu, nilu, vinu and sonu.
I will take them into the kitchen, serve them lunch. Then of course, they will also be included in partaking of the new sweet.

Evenings, the shop would be run completely by my dear motu halwai, while I look after the children.

Finally its night. After cleaning up, as we lay down to sleep, I remember the taste of the mithai I had in the afternoon. Tired and happy I sleep like a log waiting for another day to come :)


littlecow said...

Hilarious! And whenever you open it, you got your first customer (or should I say the investor?)

Btw, santa fe is a great place to start a mithai place... clearly, a certain desi in nm is starved for desi sweets!

Anil The Great said...

Ligne :

That was awesome. Smiles and smiles . I will write about a similar story one day in my blog.

You gonna have 5 guy and 1 girl. My my , hard work , haan (^.^)
Did you hear about "Hum do hamaray do"

And hey what about the nights, that was pretty dull,"tired and happy"?. How did those 6 kids come then.

Wonderful post.


Casablanca said...

Sounds like a nightmare, if you ask me ;)

ligne said...

bala : i will think ab
out it as soon as I get hold of hte halwai :)
anil : i can't make my blog PG now can i? and its a fantasy, so am allowed to have as many kids as I want:)
casa: aah.. its a fantasy if one really is in love with halwa and the halwai..:)