Thursday, January 12, 2006


I was reminded of this stuff thanks to this blog I read today on Catharsis of the Contrived Mind about Friends. Had to post it of course :)

You remember well the first day you saw your friend sitting on the bench
in the park. She dusted off the leaves and asked you to come sit by and
talk to her 'cause you looked like you had lots to talk about. Soon enough
it became a ritual, the dusting off of leaves to make a place for you.
Then its became so natural that she stopped dusting off the leaves 'cause
she knew you would come and sit beside her. Eventually one day you noticed
that if you had to go talk you would have to dust the bench. Now you
weren't sure whether you were still welcome or not. So next day you just
stood nearby, spoke a few words. Your friend thought you were in a hurry
and didn't think she should ask, you would have told her if something was
troubling you. Slowly the chats became shorter and your friend wasn't sure
what went wrong, neither were you. Soon enough you walk by the bench on
an evening to see it empty, and you know it in your heart that there is a very dusty glass wall between the two of you. So the friendship went
sour, who knew whose fault it was! Talking might have helped but then
again, who knows!

Surely though its just as natural that you sit by the
bench one evening and your friend ( ex friend perhaps) passes you by and
you smile at her, dust the leaves next to you and she comes and sits
besides you. Its like you've always been friends even when those weeks when
the bench was empty. And it all fits in like a jigsaw puzzle. Friendships
are like that, you just need to remember to dust off time.


Casablanca said...

Very beautifully written :)

ligne said...

@casablanca : thank you :)

Medha.. said...

Hey nice blog here !!

And this was really well written! :)

Medha.. said...

Loved ur post on 'The Unattainable'


ligne said...

Medha: thanks :)