Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hero Worship

I have always had a hero to look up to (some form or the other). As female I should probably look for women as my role models, but let's shelve that discrepancy.

As a kid, and for a several year into my teenage years my brother was my hero.
I think I still look upto him, but that blind worship and immitation has disappeared into a strong friendship. My obsession with cricket is thanks to him. My affinity to electronics (even though I suck at physics and really have no knowledge of circuitry)
is because of his real knowledge ! There are probably several small mannerisms that I immitated as a kid. I think my handwriting has some resemblance to his :)

My other hero for past decade has been Rahul Dravid. Sure, his looks were a consideration :) but truly, you can't see much person in their cricket gear. All I can remember is falling in love with his cut shots and his style of playing the hook close to the ground! I am no cricket expert, but I loved his shots. Before writing this post I should have probably checked up on his biography.

But here is my reason for looking up to him. When he came into the national team, everybody was impressed by his technique. But he failed to make a impression on the one day style of the game. In fact he made a very strong negative impression in regards to his approach to the game. But since a few years now, he has been a world-class player in both forms of the game. He has won matches for India and has very much been a team player.

As is tradition in the US of celebrating all occasions on the weekends. This post is a
Birthday Greeting for the current Indian Captain, who became 33 on Jan 11th.
Here is wishing him Several laurels and wins for India in the coming years.


Casablanca said...

I do identify with this post! My hero for most of my childhood was my elder sister. It was but natural for me to follow in her footsteps, no questions asked...

And I like Dravid too!!

PS: The song on my blog, incase you are interested, is 'Roobaroo' from 'Rang De Basanti'.

ligne said...

Thanks for the song info. I heard it twice on your site. am gonna definitely borrow the CD frm my friend.
Hello to another Dravid fan..
I have had this poster of Dravid for 6 years now.. Its in a poor state after all the movings.. But I would so hate to give it up :)