Tuesday, January 17, 2006

and why exactly are you helping me?

Humanity, helping those in need is a good virtue. Or so I have been told.
Personally I think I help people (if and when) for selfish reasons, it makes me feel good.

But lately I wonder why anyone helps anyone?

Context? I have been having problems with setting up Wireless on my Linux. My cousin just told me its to be expected because people don't want to make wireless drivers for linux because of some Microsoft ghapla (shady work!).
Anyway, I started posting questions on Mandriva Linux forums . Bless those kindly souls who kept answering my irritating questions. Eventually I managed with their help to get it working.
I was just thinking now, what motive could anybody have to share their knowledge free of cost?

Its probably in a way sad that I have even thought of that question. I have to wonder why the rest of the world isn't just a forum where anyone can ask a question and people will answer?


Casablanca said...

it makes me feel good.

And at the end of it, that is the reason we are nice or helpful. Atleast most of us. Whether its answering a question online, making an attempt to return a lost phone, or emailing someone to ask how they are doing... it makes us happy. And whether that is selfish or selfless, its a personal judgement :)

ligne said...

you are right, about it being a person view about whether it is selfless or not...:) its just one of those several things on which my opinion varies day to day.