Saturday, January 21, 2006

getting old

Lately realize that lot of people complain about being old. People in their late twenties complain about nearing thirties. People in their thirties complain about being in their thirties and so on..

I was trying to remember when was it that I was totally thrilled to be getting older.. perhaps the first 20 years of my life. They were a bliss. In school it would be fun going into new class and I loved getting new textbooks, new stories in the english book to read ( sure I was bookish then like always!) . First day of the school of the new year was always exciting, then rest of the year one could look forward to the summer holidays. Growing up was fun.

20-25 just disappeared, I actually forgot what my age was for a few years. Had to think everytime somebody asked me how old I was! Quite funny actually. Its a nice time when there is so much to look ahead too, see your future takings shaping.

After 25 for some reason things just start slowing down. The disillusionment sinks in. Its the first time when a kid called me aunty I realised that I was getting old!
Of course my cousin nephew (cousin's son) still refuse to call me Athai inspite of my several pleas unless he wants favours out of me.

Shrug! Big deal, so I have lived at least a quarter of my life. Ok, to be exact couple more than quarter. Lets see what the future has in store. Perhaps it won't be all that disappointing after all :)


Casablanca said...

I know... after 23, I felt it was downhill :(
As though time was running out, and I had to squeze in a lot!

ligne said...

casablanca: ya, i guess its all about figuring out thats its not really running out as the world seems to tell you :)