Monday, March 13, 2006

A Drop of Sweat

I travel downward as he frowns. Gravity pulls me down and I fall with a thud. Part of me is stuck on to the ends of his shirt. As I splash, I grasp the warm air in the hope that it will carry me forth.

In seconds, I evaporate into the air, warmed by the hot mid-day sun. And I am free. I spread around,
in all directions, free like a bird. My wings are every where. I am floating in the air.
Its wonderful for a few minutes, and then I feel myself dissipating, becoming one with the atmosphere.

Will I be ever able to gather myself? There is no time to think....


Casablanca said...

Awesomely written!

Is it getting hot where you are?

ligne said...

there were only drops of rain today :) its not that hot..its just nice and pleasant..:)