Monday, March 27, 2006

I finally succumb...

to writing some poetry. I will go ahead and disgrace myself here, after all I have been prosing for so long that a change might be good.. you might even get a hearty laugh out of this pretension.

And to those of you thinking that these disclaimers are really me fishing for compliments I have to tell you that you are right! I will take everything and anything... compliments and critic..:) Ok..brace goes

Would you make me beg you?
for those kind words
for those minutes of sanity
before I move into the unfeeling world.

Would you deprive me
of those stolen moments
of the small memories
before the reality takes over

Would you not turn around,
my friend and say goodbye?
Just one glance, one look
to keep me company
on my journey away from you.

PS: For anybody who wonders about the inspiration, perspiration or aspirations behind this poem. I have to tell you honestly, none. One afternoon, work refuses to get done..intense boredom takes over and I feel like poeting.. Sure I am bad it, but when has that ever stopped me from posting?


Casablanca said...

Oh, its good. So simple and straight. That's how I like reading poetry, and that's how I like writing it too :)

ligne said...

flattered..*blush* thank you.. :)

Caffeinism said...

Yup..staright forward and sweet.I can realte to it...infact many will be able to.

ligne said...

caffenism: thanks..:) its only right htat I read your comment as I drink my morning coffee :)

kaunquest said...

good one.

Tere dar se chale hi kuch bikhre hue afsaane liye
Kya miloge phir dard ke naye khazaane liye?

ligne said...

hamari yeh hasarat nahi
ki shayari ke jawab mein
shayar ban jayein
lekin koshish barkarar hai :)