Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have been on this island for a while now. I have a small raft on which I can go fishing.

Everyday I wait, for that big ship to pass by, blowing its horns. I have learnt to build fire, and have these coconut like things which burst into the flames. I have thus a perfect system to catch the passerby's eyes.

I was on a small boat once, it was definitely seaworthy, but I had not taken time enough to check if the base was indeed solid. So no surprise that it capsized very quickly. It was kind enough to sink near an island. An island I can swim to, I can find shelter and food at.

Like I said, I have a small raft (constructed from my boat remains), somedays when the weather is nice, I venture into the calm seas, soak in all the warm air. But I rush back lest I should miss sighting that big ship, and miss my chance.

Sometimes I wonder though, is this waiting worth it. Should I just not make home here on this island, which has been ever so kind to me? Its a passing thought, cause come the light of dawn I am there again, at the shore, waiting!

PS: I have been reading Life of Pi for the past few days (actually a month now!)..hence the boat the water :)


Casablanca said...

Reminded me of Tom Hanks in Cast Away :)

Born a Libran said...

Actually, its freaky that right after the 1st paragraph, I was reminded of Life of Pi. I guess you got the mood right if I remember the book (its been a while). When you finish the book, we can discuss it cos I dont want to spoil it for you as you know I am capable of:)

ligne said...

@casa : it is symbolic. Aren't all of cast aways at some point?

@BAL: Arre I just finished reading it. And i remembered you telling me how the last few pages explain it all :) I will blog on Bookstore about it and would be thrilled to start a discussion !!

littlecow said...

Perhaps, its time for a dialogue from "Matrix"... well sort of... :)

"Do not try and find the ship. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth: There is no ship.

Then you'll realize that it is not the ship that is lost, it is only yourself..."

How more appropriate can it get? ;)


ligne said...

lc: depends on what the ship and the island were :) but ya perhaps there is no ship after all :)